Adult Consultations


Initial appointment:  £60

(up to 1 hour)

Follow up appointment:  £40

(up to 30 mins)



Children's Consultations 


Initial appointment:  £40

Follow up appointment:  £25


Current legislation requires a consultation to be held before herbal medicine can be prescribed.



Herbal Medicine Prescriptions

Tinctures:   approx. £8  (100ml)

Teas:   approx. £8  (100g)

Creams:   approx. £8  (60g)



Additional Information

All consultations are by appointment only.

A minimum of 2 consultations are required (herbal medicine) to monitor patient's response to herbs.  Additional consultations may be required depending on the condition, it's chronicity and response.  After which, repeat prescriptions can be made up without a consultation.

Home visits may be available.