What to Expect

Health Consultation

Full medical history – an initial consultation will involve building up a picture of you and your health: a full medical history will be taken during which questions will be asked about your presenting complaint and your general health and lifestyle. I will also ask for details of all medicines and supplements you use.

♥ Blood pressure assessment – if appropriate your pulse and blood pressure will be taken and a physical examination carried out.

♥ Treatment plan – herbal prescription, information and advice about diet and lifestyle

♥ Bespoke herbal prescription – herbal medicine is prescribed based on the presenting complaint as well as other factors such as general health, lifestyle, medications, stress and any co-existing complaints to ensure the best possible results. As no two people are the same, all prescriptions are tailor made for each individual. Herbal medicine can be taken alongside orthodox medication.

♥ Control of your own health – I will ensure that you understand your health problems and provide you with the information you need to help you get better and give you control over your own health.  If required I can liaise with your GP or medical team and refer you to other health professionals e.g. massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors.

After the initial consultation, several shorter follow up consultations are necessary to assess your progress. The length of time you will continue consulting with your herbalist depends on the nature of your condition.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact me me via email or phone/text.


What not to expect?

There is some confusion around homeopathy and herbal medicine. I often get asked if herbalists are the same as homeopaths. Homeopathic medicines are natural substances that have been diluted many times to the point where if tested the original natural substance is undetectable. Herbal medicines are made using the whole plant and are not diluted. There are many other differences but this is the main one.