Restore Health

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 "My name is Karen Carpenter and I'm a Medical Herbalist located in Bromley.  I give herbal medicine consultations to people affected by illness or those just wanting to get into better shape.  I work with anyone who wishes to improve their health from children to the elderly and from skin conditions to fertility.

I believe the body is able to heal itself with a little help from nature - a core naturopathic principle.  Herbs and the correct nutrition can restore our natural state of good health.  Identifying the cause of disease where possible -  be it physical, environmental or emotional -  and correcting the resulting imbalance in the body will leave you full of health, energy and vitality."

Having previously worked in physiotherapy in an NHS hospital, Karen subsequently completed a BSc (Honours) degree in Herbal Medicine at the University of East London.  Clinical training took place at Stratford Herbal Clinic and Whipps Cross NHS Dermatology Clinic.

Conditions Seen in Clinic


  • Skin conditions:  eczema, psoriasis, acne vulgaris, acne rosacea
  • Endocrine conditions:  fertility, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopause, benign prostatic hypertrophy, diabetes, thyroid disorders
  • Autoimmune conditions:  rheumatoid arthritis, addison's disease, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
  • Gut conditions:  gord, ibs, ulcerative colitis, peptic ulcer disease
  • Cardiovascular conditions:  high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart failure
  • Nervous system conditions:  stress, anxiety, depression, migraine, carpal tunnel
  • Respiratory conditions:  hay fever, asthma, coughs and colds
  • Musculoskeletal conditions:  arthritis (e.g. osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis), systemic sclerosis
  • Infections:  Lyme disease
  • Cancer support:  nausea, difficulty sleeping and skin reactions from chemotherapy and radiotherapy


This list is by no means exhaustive.  Herbal medicine is suitable for almost any condition you would visit your doctor with.



"Karen was a great listener and really seemed to understand my problems.  I am really pleased that the herbs she prescribed have improved my condition - I would definitely recommend her."